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We Put Safety First

At Midwest Demolition Company, creating and maintaining a culture of safety is our absolute priority. Over the years, we’ve developed a sophisticated system that goes beyond simple injury prevention.

We prepare, allocating proper resources for detailed, site-specific health and safety procedures, encompassing everything from the environment to the equipment, employee medical surveillance and monitoring to regulatory compliance. Every safety consideration is considered.  As each project is unique, so too is each plan.

No project phase is more important than that which keeps our community, our clients, and their assets safe. Midwest Demolition Company reviews its Safety Program as it applies to every project. Our goal is to meet or exceed the most current demolition industry standards – safety, regulatory, occupational, and environmental. Our proactive approach to site management ensures compliance with all applicable OSHA standards.  It also ensures our clients’ peace of mind.

Assessments are part of our day-to-day work at Midwest Demolition Company. Routine equipment inspections for both safety and performance are performed in accordance with National Demolition Association standards. All maintenance is performed in detail to manufacturer specifications.

Employees are trained in key areas such as lead and asbestos awareness, confined space, fall protection, and hazardous waste operations. Training is an ongoing daily event with special tool-box meetings held weekly.  Our field staff is 100% compliant with the training requirements necessary to perform its assigned projects. Safety is serious business.

At Midwest Demolition our goals are simple: zero incidents, zero injuries; a safe, healthy workplace for our employees, our clients, and every citizen in and around our facilities and job sites.