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Floor Removal & Preparation

Bring your floor and interior surface removal problems to us. We have the specialized equipment and personnel to remove any floor surface you might have, i.e., carpet, composition tile, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring and elastomeric coatings.

  • Our Innovatech Terminator 2000 is great for operating in enclosed tight or open areas with ventilations restrictions. With it turns of turns of 6" tight radius. With it only being 26" wide, it will fit through most openings and can be loaded onto an elevator.  It can be used in occupied areas without fear of fumes or dust. This is one fantastic machine that can remove the floor and 75% of the mastic all on the first pass.
  • With our Terrco 3100-SPV floor grinder, no mastic is too tough, no grout is too hard to remove leaving the floor ready for the floor installer. Despite its weight and size, one person can easily maneuver the Model 3100-SPV floor grinder. The machine is optimal for jobs exceeding 10,000 sq. ft. Features include four 42-lb. pocket weights, a stainless steel water tank, mild or stainless steel guards, and wet/dry setup. It achieves a mastic removal rate of 1000 sq. ft./hr. and thin-set removal rate of 1500 sq. ft./hr.
  • Our state of the art SCB-1200 Ride on Shot Blaster/scarifying prepares floor and concrete for any new type of application you are wanting to place. This SCB -1200 Shot Blaster w/Blast Head attachment gives you mobility and versatility by being able to switch back and forth between blasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding/polishing in just minutes. The SCB-1200-D with the BH-12 Shot blasting Head attachment features a removable dust containment box with wheels for ease of dumping. One handed operation controls for raising and lowering heads, speed and shot control. A state of the art blast head design allowing you quick blast wheel changes and a feathered blasting edge, which enables each successive path to overlap without excessive penetration omitting the "striping effect". The finished surface is ideal for thin-set applications or for use with clear coatings along with the power to give you an aggressive shot blast profile when needed. Using the latest technology in EPA approved liquid cooled diesel engines and catalytic converter; you are far below any minimal emissions standards.  
  • Our Pulse-Bac HEPA vacuum system, our grinders and personal can operate in a safe environment preventing many risk to all parties.
  • When working in a hard to get areas, our Makinex Cart is perfect with an attached hammer to get into a tight areas.
  • If your flooring requires hand-removal, we have experienced personnel to handle that as well.